Miele CM6110 Coffee System Review

It’s comforting to think that all around the world, people from almost every walk of life start their day the same way: with a fresh cup of coffee. In fact, coffee may just be the great unifier. Sure, we share different views on politics and religion, but can’t we all agree that there’s no simpler joy than a warm cup of coffee to get you started in the morning?

And since coffee is such a vital indulgence to so many people it begs to be asked, “Are you drinking your best cup?”

0086900_miele-cm6110-coffee-system-black.jpegThe Miele CM6110 Countertop Coffee System is how you take your coffee and espresso to the next level.

Take a look at your old coffee maker. Is it really the machine of your dreams? Or are you simply getting by with a standard cup of Joe because you think a real espresso machine is out of reach?

Better yet, take a look at your bank statement. What happens when you add up the numerous trips to your favorite coffee house for a specialty espresso drink? Now spread that out over a year. Still think buying a quality espresso machine is out of the question?

Pays For Itself In A Year

The Miele CM6110 is a top of the line, countertop coffee system. Yes, it has a price tag to match its level of quality, but the CM6110 would pay for itself in a year.

If you’re spending an average of $5.00 a day at a coffee shop, you’re looking at spending over $1,800 annually on coffee! Not to mention the time spent waiting in line, the annoying incorrect orders, or the gasoline wasted driving out of the way to the nearest shop. And what about the money your significant other spends on their coffee? Heck, you could have the CM6110 paid off in just six months!

Does Everything A Coffee Shop Can

For most of us, a trip to the coffee shop is for the indulgence of a specialty drink. Anyone can make a pot of coffee at home, but only your favorite barista can whip up your signature mocha, peppermint latte with a splash of cream. But the Miele CM6110 can make anything they can, including single or double coffees, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and now ristretto, with just a single touch of a button!

Those special espresso drinks come at a price, too. You could end up spending over $7.00 for something you could make at home for free!

Unlike Any Machine You’ve Seen Before

Miele CM6310

Miele CM6110

With coffee bars and cafes becoming more and more popular, it seems coffee is the beverage of choice in our nation. No wonder more people are seeking that same capability for their homes and offices.  In order to extract the entire goodness out of the coffee beans, Miele has equipped the CM6110 with the AromaticSystem, allowing greater space in which the ground coffee and water blend, resulting in a more intense aroma.

The Miele CM 6110 Coffee System will allow you to make all your favorite specialty coffees from the comfort of your home much to the delight of your guests and your wallet. From regular coffee to lattes, espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and ristrettos the CM6110 will make it all seem easy and pleasurable. It has a user intuitive interface that uses a 4 line LED display for the user to interact with the machine and make their selections. Each type of drink has its own symbol on the control panel making it self-explanatory. The conveniently angled LCD screen will have you brewing your favorite coffees quickly.

With 4 programmable user profiles, everything can be prearranged to suit your individual tastes.  Individual preferences, such as coarseness of the coffee grinding and water temperature to the amount of espresso, milk, and froth can all be fully customized.

Miele CM6310

Miele CM6110
Electronic Steam

Miele coffee systems offer a variety of drinks using steamed milk. Once selecting the steam button from the control panel, open the CM 6110 electronic steam and begin to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes with one step.

This same valve can be used to heat water for specialty teas.

The machine is both exceptionally quiet and includes an energy saving Eco-mode to save energy.

The system includes automatic prompts to do what you need to. It prompts you to empty the waste container and drip tray and to replenish coffee beans or water. No need to keep check the bean or water levels. The machine will tell you when you need more.

The removable water tank makes it easy to refill the machine with water. The machine will hold 10.5 ounces of beans and 60 fluid ounces of water, the same as a 10-cup coffee machine.

Miele CM6310

Miele CM6110
Two Spouts

The height-adjustable dispensing spout accommodates an array of cup sizes, from the classic petite espresso cup to various American mug sizes. The machine has two spouts so you can make two portions of coffee at the same time.

The One Touch for Two feature simultaneously delivers two cups of coffee by simply pressing one button.

Of course, you can make coffee from the beans of your choice but one outstanding feature is that the traditional, fresh grind and brew process can easily be bypassed by opening the top of the coffee system and pouring ground coffee into the designated chamber. This coffee bypass chute makes the system more versatile since you can choose to make a decaf coffee or another selected coffee of your choice whenever you want no matter what types of beans you have loaded in the coffee bean chamber.

Miele CM6310

Miele CM6110
Removable Unit

The selectable grind feature allows you to choose the fineness of the ground coffee. You can also choose the amount of coffee ground each time, giving you two controls to vary the strength of the coffee.

The brew unit is easily removed and cleaned. With direct access via the service door, simply remove the brew unit from the coffee system, then rinse under running water to keep your system clean and prevent build-up. The milk lines and the Cappuccinatore are automatically rinsed each time the machine is turned off.

The following accessories come with the system; a measuring spoon, cleaning tablets to clean and degrease the brew unit, descaling tablets for descaling the water pipework, test strips to determine the hardness of the water and a milk flask (see below) for storing and preparing milk.

A Jewel For Your Countertop

It’s a common complaint that coffee systems take up valuable real-estate on a countertop and oppose the design aesthetics of the space. Not so with the CM6110. The beautiful stainless steel finishes and the fact that you can choose between black and white make the CM6110 a favorite among the choosiest of homeowners.

Any thoughts?

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