Why People With Pets Should Throw Away Their Vacuum

theme-candid-portraits-smile-woman-girl-40064.jpegI know someone who recently took in a rescue dog. This particular puppy was seven months old and, having been born to a breeder, purchased by a family, and returned to a pound, was now being adopted into his forever home by my friend. After a week or so, she mentioned some of his puppy training needs – he jumped on the kids too much, he took food off the table, etc. But she commented that she hadn’t really had the heart to be too stern with him, “…because this was his fourth home in seven months and he needs a little more time to just be loved.”

This is what being an animal lover looks like. For many of us, treating a pet like an equal member of the family is a relatable truth. But being a responsible pet parent doesn’t mean should neglect the health of your family or the cleanliness of your home. So, it’s time you’re let in on a little secret.

Why Is A Central Vacuum System So Great For Pets?

To answer this question we must first answer another…

Why is a regular vacuum so bad for pets?

Miele vacuum hepa filter
What comes in, must come out. But just what exactly comes out…?

I’m sure you understand that when you vacuum, suctioned air carries dirt and debris into the vacuum unit. You likely also understand that the debris is then contained in the bag or waste receptacle. And you may understand that the suctioned air has to then be released back out into the room. But what you may not have ever considered is how dirty and polluted that exhausted air is.

Here’s an example: Ask any cleaning professional, whether it be hotel housekeeper or residential house cleaner, and they’ll tell you that you always dust surfaces AFTER you vacuum. But why? Aren’t you supposed to clean from the top, down? Nope. Because, if you dust first, the exhausted air from the cleaner will spew dust and particles into the air and they’ll settle back onto all the cleaned surfaces. That’s why you don’t waste time: You always dust after vacuuming or risk seeing your results ruined.

Here’s another example: Many pet owners can relate to the smelliness of a home vacuum cleaner. But why? Why is it that every time you turn on your vacuum a “wet dog” odor is immediately released into the room? It’s simple – the air that is being exhausted out of the vacuum is actually carrying with it built-up odors and tiny allergens and dirt particles. Essentially, while you clean, your vacuum is spewing waste into your face. That’s why you’re smelling such a strong odor.

Read about a recent European study regarding the positive effects of a central vacuum system on allergy symptoms.
pexels-photo 2.jpg
Shocked by how gross your vacuum may be? Don’t worry, a central vac is the solution!

Pets are wonderful, however, breathing in their fur, allergens, and dander can be a real health issue for family members or guests in your home. But regular vacuum cleaners exhaust the smallest of these particles into the air doing more harm than good! Additionally, stinky odors are a fact of pet ownership – there’s just no getting around them. But a standard vacuum actually makes it worse by storing up the smell and spraying it out each time you power it up.

So what’s the solution?

A Central Vacuum System

Series 1-2 Arrow
Dirt, debris, and all the tiny particles you can’t see are vacuumed in. The big stuff gets collected in the waste bin and the smallest, most harmful allergens and dander are exhausted outside your home. Gone forever!

So now we’ve arrived at what makes a central vacuum system so incredibly perfect for pet owners. Like a standard vacuum cleaner, a central vacuum system must exhaust its suctioned air. However, unlike a standard vacuum cleaner, a central vac is installed in a remote location and, additionally, can be installed so that the air is exhausted outside. This means that the dirt, debris, and air that you vacuum in is COMPLETELY removed from your living areas.

Every vacuumed microscopic allergen, piece of pet hair, or particle of dirt tracked in by little paws or toes: GONE! A central vacuum does more than just clean your floors. It’s providing better air quality for your family.

Compare, research, and shop central vacuum power units here.

Even if your installation can’t be exhausted to the exterior, the power unit is still likely installed in a remote location such as the garage, basement, or utility room. So the exhausted air isn’t being sprayed back into the very space you’re vacuuming and into your family’s lungs like with a standard vacuum.

Learn more about a DIY central vacuum installation here.

The image on the right is a True Cyclonic central vacuum power unit. It uses cyclone technology to sort and remove particles without the need for filters or bags. These systems must be exhausted to the exterior. In doing so, they’re one of the most powerful, efficient, and effective central vacuum systems. You can shop for True Cyclonic units here.

But Wait…There’s More!

Once you jump on the central vacuum bandwagon, you’ll discover a whole new world of pet cleaning accessories and options. Did you know there are attachments designed to groom your pet with your central vac? It’s true! Fido will think he’s being treated to a gentle massage and brush while you’re vacuuming away all the loosened pet fur so it’s never released into your home!

And then there are all the specialized attachments designed specifically for removing pet fur from surfaces. These tools attach directly to your central vac wand and feature bristles and brushes that collect and remove pet hair from upholstery, stair treads, bedding, and more!

It’s A No-Brainer

We hear from a lot of customers (remember, we’ve been around since the 1940’s.) Some of our most memorable and moving reviews come from families with respiratory health issues who are now “breathing” a sigh of relief over owning a central vacuum system. If allergies, asthma, or other respiratory disabilities are part of your daily battle, make the right choice for your home with the investment of a central vacuum system. And if pets are a welcome and wonderful part of your family, do right by everyone and remove their odors and dander for good!

Any thoughts?

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