Review: Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction

Miele’s brand new vacuum models hit the market this week and we’re testing them out one-by-one. Today, we’re taking a close look at the Compact C1 Pure Suction. It’s the most affordable of the new models. The Pure Suction and the new Compact C1 Turbo Team take the place of all the models formerly encompassed in the “Classic C1” Series – the Titan, Olympus, Capri, and Delphi. These previous models are now discontinued.

Compact C1 Pure Suction

The Pure Suction is gaining attention thanks to its affordability. It’s Miele’s current, least expensive model. What you get is the high-quality filtration you expect from a Miele. Won’t you don’t get are the high-end features and accessories found on the better models.

Included with the Pure Suction is Miele’s SBD285-3 Classic Combo Floor Tool. Now, it’s true that this is one of Miele’s least expensive floor attachments, however, that’s not to say it isn’t exactly what you need.20000122997-000-00_20000122997.jpg

The SBD285-3 Classic Combo is a combination hard-floor/area rug floor tool. It is awesome for homes with tile, hardwood, laminate, or terrazzo. As these homes typically have low-pile area rugs, door mats, etc, it’s designed to be one tool that will effectively vacuum all of the above. If your home has any wall-to-wall carpeting or even area rugs that are dense or high-pile, this is not an ideal option. Homes with any true carpeting should look at Miele’s cleaners with electric powerheads (we’d suggest the Compact C2 Electro or the Complete C3 Kona.)

What many folks will love about the Pure Suction is the affordability. This is Miele’s lowest priced model. We consider it the first step towards your future as a life-long Miele owner. The Pure Suction keeps costs down by avoiding some of the bells & whistles and elite features found on the better models.

For example, the Pure Suction has a rotary dial which allows you to turn to the appropriate suction level. On more expensive models, the settings are foot operated or even automatic. Additionally, the Pure Suction comes with Miele’s AirClean Filter, not their HEPA Filter that some models have. It also features a smaller dirt bag (3.7 quarts) while better models have a larger bag (4.76 quarts.)

What the Compact C1 Pure Suction does offer is Miele’s 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System – and that is incredibly important. Other vacuums sold at your local big-box store may have similar features; they may offer a HEPA filter or nice attachments. But NO brand has Miele’s sealed system. This is the key element in the incredibly high-quality air filtration that comes with owning a Miele. The dirt and dust, even the tiniest particles, stay captured within the vacuum unit. Not to be leaked back into your home like with lesser brands.

To summarize, the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction is a nice vacuum. We’re giving it 7/10 stars. It ranks so high because it’s incredibly inexpensive but also features Miele’s patented, unmatched filtration. The Pure Suction will be a really great option for homes with hard flooring and homeowners with a budget. Of course, it’s lacking some of the better features that you’ll get with more expensive models. So there’s a give-and-take. But we expect this unit is going to be very well received by cost-conscious shoppers.

Any thoughts?

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