A Memorial Day In Memoriam

iStock_000008493997XSmallLike many retailers, Central Vacuum Stores celebrates Memorial Day each year with big discounts and specials. We highlight our American-made products as a nod to the holiday, write articles celebrating the store’s personal military heroes, and treat our employees to a well deserved day off to spend some quality time with family. As a Veteran owned company, the day holds a special meaning and we like to honor to those who gave their all.

But this year, we felt led to do more than just “honor.” We felt led to actually act.

WestonLeeCropThe Ambrose family’s youngest son, Micah, is an officer in the US Army and attended a prestigious military college in Georgia with his wife, Lindsay. Just last month, one of their former classmates was killed while serving in Iraq after stepping on an IED during a patrol outside Mosul. Weston Lee, a 1st Lieutenant assigned to the 1st Battalion, 325th Infantry Regiment, 2nd BCT, 82nd Airborne Division, was just 25 years old.

This holiday was commissioned to represent the “ultimate sacrifice.” It’s more than a beautiful sentiment – it’s an opportunity to show your appreciation through action. And so, Roger and Renee Ambrose decided that Central Vacuum Stores would celebrate this year’s Memorial Day a little differently and honor 1LT Weston Lee specifically.

A crowd-sourced, fundraiser is currently underway to establish a scholarship in the name of 1LT Weston Lee by his fraternity at the University of North Georgia. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is collecting donations to reach a $100,000 goal “in hopes of rewarding young men who live Weston’s legacy of dedication and service.” They have specified that any additional funds over the amount will be gifted to 1LT Weston Lee’s family to offset any expenses surrounding his burial and loss. We hope you feel led to support the legacy of Weston Lee by clicking on the link below to make your donation.

Visit The “In Memory of 1LT Weston Lee” GoFundMe Page HERE

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Any thoughts?

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