Imperium CV7700 Power Unit

"I wish I had just called you guys first!"

Today’s consumers are smarter than ever. They bargain hunt, read reviews, compare multiple retailers, and only then do they make a purchase. And it’s a great thing to see people being so wise with their spending. The only hiccup is when they need help.

All the personal research in the world can’t compare to a twenty minute phone call with an expert. And all the discounts and promotions you can find won’t help when it comes time to ask a question. We hear from customers DAILY who purchased a product from a faceless online retailer and now can’t get the necessary service for that item. Retailers like Amazon are great for certain items – paper towels, diapers, books. But think twice before making a purchase that could potentially require repairs or technical support. You won’t be getting it from them.

So what’s the alternative? You want the ease of buying online but the confidence of a respected retailer. Wha-bam! Read this blog about the Imperium CV7700 and shop with confidence!

0057283_imperium-cv7700-power-unitThe Imperium CV7700 Power Unit is a powerhouse cleaner. It boasts one of the largest motors available while still a 120 Volt machine. What that means is, you can have a machine powerful enough for a commercial setting in your residential installation.

Hit Me With The Highlights:

  • Powerful enough for up to 10,000 square feet
  • Premier 7.2″ Tangential By-Pass Motor
  • True Cyclonic – no bags to change
  • Large, 38 quart dirt canister
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Made in America
  • Incredibly quiet at only 60 decibels
  • Vented to the exterior for unmatched air quality

Suction Stats:

  • Airflow – 121 CFM
  • Amps – 13.5
  • Air Watts – 631
  • Water Lift – 142″

A Green Clean

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re aware that appliances are going the way of “green.” Manufacturers and consumers are doing what they can to make and purchase environmentally friendly products. And why not? It’s good for the Earth AND it almost always saves you money! The Imperium CV7700 is a perfect example.

  • Repairable long-life motors – The motor in the CV7700 is designed to be repairable and replaceable. By creating special interrupters that will shut-down the motor before it’s officially kaput, you’re able to simply replace the necessary parts instead of overheating or damaging the machine. An Imperium power unit will likely outlast every other appliance in your home.
  • Off means Off – The power unit itself features an “On/Off” switch that completely powers-down the appliance. When turned off, the appliance is using zero residual energy (unlike other appliances.) While you may not use it throughout day, it’s a great solution for over night, while you’re out of town, or spans of time when you won’t be vacuuming. 
  • IAQ, Green Label – The Imperium CV7700 was awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label for indoor air quality. The honor was bestowed due to the unit’s exhaust system. The vent on the CV7700 is installed to the exterior of your home, so any particles or allergens that are too small for the dirt canister are removed completely – not breathed in.
  • Green Built – Proudly made in the USA, the Imperium CV7700 is manufactured by Lindsay Mfg. in a modern plant which uses products and processes that retain and recycle lubricants, minimizes or eliminates most volatile organic compounds and produces few carbon emissions in the production of Imperium Central Vacuum Systems.
  • Recyclable – The 100% steel canister on the CV7700 is completely recyclable with no irreclaimable plastic body parts to fill landfills and dumps.
  • Recycled and Recyclable Packaging – Even the shipping box and internal packing material are completely recyclable. Central Vacuum Stores uses zero styrofoam or plastic in the shipping containers of the CV7700. The box and internal support pieces are made of at least 20% recycled materials.

When You Buy From The Best

The quote at the top of the page was from a real customer and it certainly wasn’t the first time we had heard it. When you buy a central vacuum system from, you’re not just getting an easy shopping experience. You’re getting actual experience. Like the 60+ years we’ve been in business!

Got an issue when it comes time to install it? We’ll put you on the phone with one of our professional installers to walk you through it!

Need a repair part but don’t know where to begin? We carry any and every part necessary for the Imperium CV7700 and we offer extra fast shipping!

Looking for additional tools or attachments to complement your new unit? Our sales associates will ask all the right questions and cover every base to make sure you get the exact products your home needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Consider the Imperium CV7700 for your central vacuum installation. And if you need help deciding or simply want a professional opinion, we suggest you don’t waste your time and simply call us first. 1-800-221-8227.

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Any thoughts?

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