2017 Miele Models: Review & Comparison

Earlier this year, Miele unveiled three new models and re-worked their Series structure. They chose to eliminate all existing models within the Classic C1 Series and Compact C2 Series: the Olympus, Capri, Delphi, Titan, Quartz, Onyx, and Topaz. With these older models out, Miele sought a streamlined approach and rolled out three new models which encompass the features and benefits of their predecessors. The Pure Suction Compact C1, the Turbo Team Compact C1, and the Electro+ Compact C2.


What’s New, What’s Not?

Technically, there isn’t anything “new” about these cleaners. Their features, benefits, build, and included accessories are all familiar. What’s changed is Miele’s approach to guiding you to the right vacuum. They narrowed down the best and most popular options and custom-built three canisters to replace the original seven. Essentially, almost any buyer will work with one of these vacuums.

It’s a straightforward, less muddled way to shop; this is truly a case of “less is more.”

What Are The New Models?

Let’s break down and do a comparison on each model within the new Compact line.

Each model will include…

  • 3.7 quart Type FJM AirClean dustbag with flap for dust-free removal
  • Pre-Motor Filter
  • Telescoping Wand
  • Natural Bristle Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • VarioClip which attaches the tools to the hose

Each model has these features…

  • Canister Construction – Exclusive 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System to keep the dirt inside the vacuum
  • Rotary Dial with 6 suction settings
  • 29.5ft operating radius
  • Dustbag change indicator
  • Silence insulation
  • Weighs 16 pounds complete with hose, wand and Combo Floor tool
  • Special alignment of motor, cable reel and dust compartment for advanced stability

Essentially, the three models differ in their included floor tools. This means you can shop based on your flooring type.

Pure Suction Compact C1

0091581_miele-compact-c1-pure-suction-vacuumFor Hard Surface Flooring

The Compact C1 Pure Suction is the base model. It’s currently Miele’s least expensive canister vacuum cleaner. Selling for around $300, it’s a great starter Miele.

This unit is ideal for homeowners with mostly hard flooring and some low pile area rugs. It is not suggested if your space features wall to wall carpeting or medium to high pile rugs. The 1200 watt, Vortex Motor can range between six power settings.

0091616_miele-pure-suction-compact-c1-vacuumThe Pure Suction gets its name from its floor tool. The SBD285-3 Classic Combo Floor Tool does not feature any kind of roller or beater bar to refresh carpet fibers – which is why it isn’t recommended for carpeting. Instead, natural fiber bristles are gentle enough for hard flooring while adding some agitation to release dirt from basic area rugs.

Filtration System: AirClean filter (1 included)

Turbo Team Compact C1

0091582_miele-compact-c1-turbo-team-vacuumFor Hard Surface & Low-Medium Pile Carpeting*

The Compact C1 Turbo Team is the median model in the new line. Running around $400, we think it’s priced well for the tools that come included.

The Turbo Team was designed for homes with a majority of hard flooring and some low or medium pile carpeting and rugs. Like the Pure Suction, it features 1200 watts of power and six settings.

Miele STB205-3 Turbobrush

The Turbo Team is called as such because of the included carpeting powerhead. The STB205-3 Powerbrush is a turbo cleaner. Meaning, it uses the suction power from the vacuum to rotate the beater bar and agitate the carpet fibers for a deeper cleaning. The Turbo tool is a better option for carpeting than the Combo tool found on the Pure Suction. However, it is not as powerful as the one on the Electro+ model.


Also included with the Turbo Team is the SBBParquet-3 – Parquet Floor Tool. This natural fiber brush is the perfect tool for vacuuming hard flooring such as wood, laminate, marble, tile, and terrazzo. The swivel neck on the tool allows you to maneuver quickly and easily around furniture legs – much more fluidly than the Combo tool found on the Pure Suction.

Filtration System: AirClean Filter (1 included)

Electro+ Compact C2

0091583_miele-compact-c2-electro-vacuumFor Hard Floors & Carpeting*

The best of the three new models is the Electro+ Compact C2. It’s priced at around $600, but when you consider that the carpet tool alone costs over $200, it’s a really incredible value.

The Electro+ was built to clean homes with any type of flooring, hard or carpeted*. The Electro+ can properly clean even high-pile or dense carpets and rugs.

Electro Plus Electrobrush (SEB228)

What makes the Electro+ so much better is the included SEB228 Electric Powerbrush. This carpet powerhead is electric, meaning the beater bar that agitates the carpet fibers for a deep clean is powered by electricity. To compare, the Turbo Team uses the vacuum suction to spin the brush. Unlike a turbo style brush, dense carpeting won’t cause the bristles to stop rotating because they’re on their own power.


The Electro+ also comes with the SBB Parquet-3 – Floor Tool to clean hard flooring such as tile, wood, laminate, marble, and more. The natural bristles won’t scratch or damage but provide just the right amount of abrasion to release dirt and dust. The swivel neck also adds some flexibility to your vacuuming as you can maneuver around numerous obstacles.

Filtration System: HEPA AirClean Filter (1 included)

*Soft Carpet Disclaimer:

It is important to note, this vacuum is not recommended for “Soft Carpeting.” Miele has a designated canister designed for Soft Carpeting. If your home features this new trend of carpeting, we highly recommend you do not purchase one of the above vacuums as it is very easy to damage these carpeting fibers. Here you can read our review of Soft Carpeting vacuum options.

What Separates These Models From Other Mieles?

It’s important to note that the Complete C3 Canister Series did not change. The Cat & Dog, Calima, Kona, Alize, Soft Carpet, Marin, and Brilliant are all still available. So it begs the question: Where do these new vacuums stand in comparison?

The new Compact canisters were designed as Miele’s “budget” cleaners. They will not include the superior features found on the Complete models. The Pure Suction Compact C1, the Turbo Team Compact C1, and the Electro+ Compact C2 have lower quality floor tools and slightly weaker filtration. However, they are more affordable than any model in the Complete line. For customers who are on a budget but still want the quality of Miele, Compact is a great “starter” Series.

Some of the better features found within the Complete C3 Canister Series are on-board tool storage, automatic height adjustments, automatic motor shut-off, a larger dirt bag, longer power cord length, and foot operated controls. The new Compact models will not include these features.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of some of the differences between the Complete C3 Series and the new Compact models:

What Should I Buy?

So it all comes down to this question: which Miele is right for you? If the above comparisons are still not enough to help you choose, it’s best if you call or email for a more personal approach.

1-800-221-8227 / salesinfo@centralvacuumstores.com

The four key things to consider when choosing a Miele are these:

  1. Flooring Type – Catalogue the type of flooring in your home. If you have any dense carpeting or high-pile area rugs, you will really need to consider a Miele with an electric powerhead. If you have mostly hard flooring, you needn’t choose an electric cleaner.
  2. Budget – It comes down to the bottom line here. Obviously, you have to consider your budget. But, we’ve found that folks are willing to spend what they need when it comes to their health and wellness. Plus, all Miele’s come with a warranty, so you can rest assured you’re getting a lasting product.
  3. Air Quality Concerns – The better models found in the Complete C3 Series feature Miele’s patented Sealed Construction. For owners with air quality concerns (asthma, allergies, respiratory illnesses) a Miele including the better filtration is a make-or-break.
  4. Must Have Features – It’s pretty common for us to speak to a customer and determine features that are “must haves” which they had yet to consider. For an elderly person, bending over to access the power settings on a rotary dial may be impossible – we’d refer them to a Complete model with foot operations. There are lots of features to examine. It’s wise to call a specialist to make sure you’re not missing something.

Any thoughts?

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