Imperium Central Vacuum Systems: Review & Information

First, A Little History

Most people think the name “Central Vacuum Stores” came from our sales of central vacuum systems when, actually, the name originated before central vacuums were even invented! In 1948, Chris Ambrose opened a small vacuum sales and repair shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. The store was located on the main thoroughfare through town, Central Avenue, so he named his business, “Central Vacuum Stores.”

Over nearly seventy years in business, this mom & pop storefront turned into an international mom & pop e-retailer. Who could have foreseen how technology was going to change our business model? And who could have foreseen how perfect the name “Central Vacuum Stores” would prove to be?

In the early 1980’s, built-in central vacuum systems rose in popularity and Central Vacuum Stores rose right along with it. We opened more storefronts, added an installation and tech division, and expanded our market. By the early 2000’s we became known as the central vacuum specialists within the state of Florida. But in those twenty years of installing and maintaining central vacuums, owner Roger Ambrose realized he could build a better product than what he was selling.


Why were the motors in some brands always going bad? Why weren’t systems designed for DIY installations? Wasn’t there a better way to filter out debris? With Roger’s experience and expertise, the Ambrose family once again jumped into a new realm. That of product design. In 2003, the Imperium Brand by Central Vacuum Stores was launched.

What Is Imperium?

0090865_imperium-cv260-universal-combo-kit-for-bare-floorsThe Imperium brand is Central Vacuum Stores’ private label. It includes products for central vacuum systems such as power units, hoses, wands, attachments, floor tools, and more.

With the introduction of Imperium, Central Vacuum Stores was able to sell a better product at a lower price. Additionally, we are able to handle our warranty and technical support in-house. No more frustrating phone calls between the seller and the manufacturer. If you have an issue with your Imperium product, you call us directly and we get it taken care of.

How Does Imperium Rank In Quality?

Name recognition is certainly a factor when you’re shopping for an appliance. For many, it’s easier to trust a brand you’re familiar with. But, when it comes to a specialty item like a central vacuum system, it’s better to choose a brand that is more singular. Yes, Kenmore, NuTone, and Electrolux sure have big branding, but do you want a vacuum system made by a company that also manufactures microwaves and ceiling fans?

Imperium is the brainchild of a company that has sold vacuum cleaners for almost seventy years. It’s the product of a business who has installed, and maintained thousands of central vacuums since their first introduction. Essentially, Imperium came from the desire to do better. A perfect example of this is the high quality Ametek-Lamb motors we chose to put in our power units.

Take a look at the comparison below…


With motors, bigger really is better. And our Imperium motors not only tower over the competition, they also come with a 10-year warranty.

Made In America

When in the early stages of designing our Imperium brand, we knew making an American-made product was a priority. Our search for a U.S. manufacturing company led us to Lindsay Manufacturing out of Ponca City, Oklahoma. With their American plant, Imperium central vacuum power units are proudly made in the USA. Additional manufacturing partners include CenTec and VacuFlo. Together, these companies are helping us make a better, more reliable, and higher quality product than our competitors.

Our Imperium attachments, floor tools, and wands will fit *most* existing central vacuum systems, so you can get the savings and quality of Imperium even if your system is from another brand. To be sure your purchase is compatible, we suggest you call 1-800-221-8227 and speak with one of our associates.

The Savings

Here’s what you really want to know: What kind of price difference are we talking about between buying Imperium and buying a familiar brand name?


It all comes down to what you’re not paying for. The consumer isn’t paying for giant, international, high-expense advertising. You won’t find us on a billboard. Central Vacuum Stores gets our business pretty much the old fashioned way, word of mouth and a little online marketing. The consumer isn’t paying for huge overhead and the support of divisions of salespeople. Central Vacuum Stores has a single office and storefront in Florida and around twenty employees who work incredibly hard and are incredibly good at their jobs. The consumer isn’t paying for warehouses of stored goods. We ship directly from the manufacturer because it’s our product (as an added bonus, this also means faster shipping!)

Let’s take a look at another comparison…

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.02.05 PM

Three similar power units side-by-side and we’re able to price our Imperium CV280 model for significantly less money. And, by the way, this state-of-the-art comparison tool can be found on our website. So you can see your choices next to each other, too! Even though we keep our business lean, you’re getting an equal shopping experience to the big guys.

Where Do I Buy Imperium?

Imperium products are found at, though we allow a select few items to be sold via Home Depot’s website, as well. You can also always call our team directly and speak with our wildly knowledgeable associates at 1-800-221-8227 or email us for information via

Any thoughts?

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