About The Author

The author photographed in her kitchen
The author photographed in her kitchen

It’s an interesting thing to begin a new venture; to throw caution to the wind and set a new course; to take a leap with nothing but passion and a little courage. But alas…sometimes it’s exactly what you needed.

Growing up, I woke each morning to the familiar clink of an Olympia typewriter. My father, a New York Times best-selling novelist, wrote best in the early hours. Turns out it’s hereditary. But while our process may be similar, our genres couldn’t be further apart. Blogging offers all the joys of communicating your story to the masses without the traditional hassles of publishing. This modern form of writing has opened up a new world for the literary bent.  So when the Ambrose family approached me with the opportunity to take the helm on the Central Vacuum Stores blogs, I agreed with enthusiasm.

I couldn’t be more excited about writing articles for Central Vacuum Stores.  It isn’t just writing about vacuums and intercom systems. It’s being a part of the American dream. A family owned business, a local community supported, a team of employees taking pride in a job well done; here I find myself in the middle of it doing the one thing that I love most. It’s a blessing I never saw coming. And while I may never win a Pulitzer, the opportunity to wake up each morning and hear the sound of the keys on my MacBook feels almost as exciting.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

-Bonnie Kay Clark

Bonnie is responsible for additional blogs featuring Central Vacuum Stores’ Intercoms, NuTone Products, and Ironing Systems.

Any thoughts?

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