Best Miele Vacuums Under $650


In our ongoing series, The Search For Savings, we’re offering advice on our favorite products that are high quality but still affordable. Today’s post features our top three picks for the best Miele vacuum cleaners under $650.

Why Miele?

If you’ve never shopped for a high quality vacuum cleaner, this may be your first time hearing the name “Miele.” Your local big-box store will have familiar names and cleaners you’ve seen in numerous commercials, but Miele likely won’t be on their shelves. So what makes Miele vacuums so special? In short: Quality.

Air Quality – What Miele’s are most known for is their incredible level of air quality. Time and time again we hear from customers who are shopping for a Miele because their allergist, respiratory doctor, or physician recommended it for their health. Miele’s were designed from the start to provide the highest level of filtration. The dirt, dust, dander, and whatever else vacuumed up goes through layer after layer of defense in order to capture and contain it. The exhausted air from a Miele will be cleaner than the air in the rest of your home!

High Quality – Every component within a Miele, from the motors to the gaskets, are of the highest quality. It’s part of what makes them priced higher than the standard cleaners at a store. Where they use plastic, Miele uses metal. Where they cut costs, Miele invests. Essentially, these little tanks are built to last, which is also why they come with such fantastic warranties.

Quality Control – Miele chooses not to sell in large retailers for one main reason: quality control. They’re incredibly choosy with whom they partner, which is why only a select few vendors in the US carry their products. They have a superior product and demand a superior level of service. Sales, repairs, and customer support are tightly managed to ensure every customer buying a Miele vacuum cleaner receives the highest level of care.

And Now, The Best Miele Vacuums Under $650…

1) Miele Electro+ Compact C2 – Around $600

  • Best Choice For Carpet

0091583_miele-compact-c2-electro-vacuumThe first Miele on our list is an incredible machine at an amazing price. The Miele Electro+ Compact C2 was released earlier this year and was part of a model reorganization by Miele. Essentially, they took the favorite features and highlights of several models and made three all-star units. The Electro+ is the best of these three new models.

What makes the Electro+ so awesome are the included floor tools. The cleaner comes with the SEB228 Electric Powerbrush and the SBB Parquet-3 Hard Floor Tool. Because it comes with an electric carpet tool, this is the only unit on our list that we’d recommend for wall-to-wall carpeting.

The Electro+ is an INCREDIBLE value! We can’t stress this enough. Let’s put it into perspective this way… If you were going to simply buy the SEB228 carpet tool and the Parquet-3 hard floor tool by themselves, you would spend almost $300. That’s half the cost of the vacuum in just the floor tools!

Some of the important features on the Electro+ Compact C2 are the rotary dial suction control, included HEPA Airclean Filter, 3.7 quart Type FJM AirClean dustbag, 33-foot operating radius, Vario clip tool storage, and rear parking system for fast storage.

Facts & Features:

  • Recommended For Carpeting
  • Electric Carpet Tool Included
  • Parquet Hard Floor Attachment Included
  • HEPA Filter Included
  • Rotary Dial
  • 3.7 Quart Dirt Bag
  • Vario Clip For Attachment Storage
  • Read Full Description Here

2) Miele Pure Suction Compact C1 – Around $300

  • Best Choice For Limited Budget & Hard Flooring

0091581_miele-compact-c1-pure-suction-vacuumThe current least expensive Miele on the market is the Pure Suction Compact C1. But don’t be confused by its affordable price. It’s still a Miele.

The Pure Suction is kept affordable thanks, in part, to its floor tool. The Pure Suction includes the SBD285-3 Classic Combo Floor Tool. This attachment is designed to clean hard surface flooring and area rugs or door mats without the need for two separate tools. The simple foot switch on the Combo tool allows you to increase and decrease the suction based on whether it’s hard flooring or soft.

For some customers, the simplicity of not having to change tools mid vacuum is a real selling feature. However, it’s important to note that the Combo tool is not sufficient to clean true carpeting. If your home or office has any wall-to-wall carpeting or dense rugs, the Pure Suction is not going to meet your needs. Like the Electro+, the Pure Suction also features a Vario clip for storing the different cleaning attachments.

Facts & Features:

  • Not Recommended For Carpeting
  • Combo Floor Tool Included
  • AirClean Filter Included
  • Rotary Dial
  • 3.7 Quart Dirt Bag
  • Vario Clip For Attachment Storage
  • Read Full Description Here

3) Miele Calima Complete C3 – Around $650

  • Best Choice For Hard Surface Floors & Low Pile Area Rugs

0086830_miele-calima-complete-c3-vacuumThe final entry on our list is the Calima Complete C3. The Calima is the same price as the Electro+, but the two are very different vacuums and geared towards different users. To start, the Calima includes a Turbo Comfort carpet brush. This carpet tool is less powerful than the electric option on the Electro+, but perfectly adequate for low-pile rugs or carpets.

The Turbo Comfort brush is more effective at cleaning rugs than the Combo Tool (included with the Pure Suction option) because it has a rotating beater bar. The beater bar, which agitates the carpet fibers to release dirt and dust, is powered by the suction of the vacuum. The Calima also includes the SBB300-3 Parquet Twister hard floor tool.

What sets the Calima apart from the other two cleaners on our list are the added features. Foremost, the Active HEPA Filter case included with the Calima is far superior to the filter pads included with the Electro+ and Pure Suction. Secondly, the onboard tool storage is much more convenient than the Vario clips included in the other two models. And lastly, the foot operated controls on the Calima vs. the rotary dial on the Electro+ and Pure Suction adds a really important “ease of use.” The Calima also utilizes a larger dirt bag, so changing it out is a less frequent necessity.

Facts & Features:

  • Recommended For Low Carpeting
  • Turbo Carpet Tool Included
  • Parquet Hard Floor Attachment Included
  • Better HEPA Filter Case Included
  • Foot Operated Suction Controls
  • 4.76 Quart Dirt Bag
  • Onboard Attachment Storage
  • For Full Description Read Here


Still Can’t Decide?

Choosing the right Miele vacuum cleaner can be a stressful decision. But it doesn’t have to be! On our team combined, we have well over two hundred years of selling, maintaining, and repairing vacuum cleaners. There’s nothing we can’t help you with and no question we can’t answer (yet!) Give Central Vacuum Stores a call for personal help in choosing your Miele at 1-800-221-8227.

Take Our Online Miele Matchmaker Quiz!

We designed a small questionnaire to lead you to the perfect Miele! Answer a few questions and our program will generate a selection of Miele’s right for your needs. It’s all right here:0089999_find-the-perfect-miele-vacuum-for-you_300

The Best Central Vacuum Units Under $550

power units

Central Vacuum Power Units On A Budget

Whether you’re shopping for a brand new installation or looking to replace your existing system, the central vacuum power unit will likely be the biggest expense – but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive! In today’s blog, we’ve catalogued our top three favorite power units under $550. You may be surprised by just how much power you get for such a value!

First Up – Know Your Systems

Part of our goal was to choose a favorite, inexpensive unit from each of the three main vacuum styles: Bagged, Filtered, and True Cyclonic. Before you choose a unit for your home or business, it’s imperative you have a full understanding of these three options and which is right for your installation and needs. To read up on bagged vs. bagless styles, we suggest you read this article first. Below is a very basic analysis of the three types…

bag_lgBagged –

A central vacuum power unit that features a disposable paper bag for waste collection. These units require the owner to remove, discard, and replace the bag and waste regularly. The frequency depends on use.

It’s important to note that bagged units are often suggested if there is a health concern involved with emptying the waste. In the scenario where the person responsible for cleaning the waste should not be susceptible to an open dirt canister, a bagged unit is necessary.

inverted_bag_lgFiltered –

A central vacuum power unit that features a filter that keeps debris from entering the central vacuum motor and workings, but no bag. The waste is collected at the bottom in a dirt canister. The canister will require regular removal and emptying. The filter will also require semi-regular cleaning. Many of these units also accept paper bags if the owner so chooses.

cyclonic_lgTrue Cyclonic –

A central vacuum power unit that features neither a bag nor a filter, but instead uses cyclonic separation to distribute waste. Recognized as the best form of filtration, these units boast maintained suction as there are no obstacles to restrict airflow. True Cyclonic units must be exhausted to the exterior. Waste is collected in a canister that will require regular removal and emptying.

True Cyclonic has gained in popularity due to the fact that there are no additional expenses involved once installed, i.e. no bags or filters to purchase and replace.

Our Top Vacuum Power Units Under $550

1) Imperium CV280 Bagged Power Unit

Under $400

0081160_imperium-cv280-central-vacuum-power-unitThe Imperium CV280 Bagged Central Vacuum Unit is a truly, unbelievable value. It’s not only the least expensive option on our list, it’s one of the most affordable central vacuum power units manufactured. But don’t be skeptical, this little gem is a real powerhouse!

One of the ways the Imperium CV280 is so cost effective is because it’s from Central Vacuum Stores’ private label, Imperium. The Imperium brand is made in the USA and designed by a company that has sold, installed, and maintained central vacuum systems since their inception.

The CV280 is a no-frills work-horse. The 5.7″ 2-stage, flow-thru motor packs a ton of power and the all-steel construction of the canister means it’s built to last. The CV280 is powerful enough for up to 3,000 square feet and features a utility inlet directly on the body. This may save you money, as it may allow you to skip an additional inlet for the space where the power unit will be installed.

Key Stats:

  • Max square footage – 3,500
  • Voltage – 120
  • Air Watts – 561
  • CFM – 117
  • Water Lift – 142″
  • Sound db – 58
  • Filtration – Sealed Paper Bag
  • Dirt Capacity – 6.25 gallons
  • Utility Inlet – Included
  • Dimensions – 23″H x 13″D
  • Warranty – 5 Years

***If 3,500 square feet isn’t enough for your installation, one step up from the CV280 is the Imperium CV300. While more expensive than the CV280, you get an incredible 740 Air Watts of power by upgrading to the next unit. To learn more about the CV300, VISIT HERE.

2) Rhino Vac 399R-L Filtered Power Unit

Around $500

0053421_rhino-vac-399r-l-power-unit.jpegThe Rhino Vac 399R-L Filtered Power Unit is a really powerful unit that we love to recommend. The 15-year warranty should really put your mind at ease. This thing is built like a tank or, if you’re familiar with your extraordinarily powerful animals, like a rhino!

The HEPA Membrane Filter ensures superior air quality. But what’s really fabulous about the Rhino Vac 399R-L is the ability to use paper bags if wanted. If you’re looking for the versatility of trying both a canister and bag waste disposal, this is a great feature

Key Stats:

  • Max square footage – 8,000
  • Voltage – 120
  • Air watts – 520
  • CFM – 96
  • Water Lift – 136″
  • Sound db – 57
  • Filtration – Filtered Unit w/ paper bag
  • Dirt Capacity – 5 Gallons
  • Utility Inlet – Included
  • Dimensions – 39″ H x 12″ D
  • Warranty – 15 Years

3) Imperium CV7200 Cyclonic Power Unit

Under $550

0090421_imperium-cv7200-power-unit.jpegWe saved the best for last: The CV7200 True Cyclonic Power Unit from Imperium. This is the best kind of filtration at the lowest price in the US. So, yea…it’s something to be excited about!

The Imperium CV7200 features an extra powerful, 5.7″, 2-Stage, Tangential Discharge motor that produces an unbelievable 112 CFM. But what really makes this unit so powerful is the true cyclonic technology. Unlike the bagged and filtered units above, the suction power in the CV7200 has zero interruptions. The waste is filtered and disposed of using the principles of a cyclone. It’s pure suction, all the time, without any hinderances.

A standard power unit will require maintenance, such as bag replacement and filter cleanings. But with the CV7200, there’s nothing to clean and, because there’s nothing to get clogged, nothing to slow down your suction. The CV7200 must be exhausted to the outside, so the unit must be installed on an exterior wall.

Key Stats:

  • Max square footage – 5,000
  • Voltage – 120
  • Air Watts – 440
  • CFM – 112
  • Water Lift – 111″
  • Sound db – 75
  • Filtration – True Cyclonic
  • Utility Inlet – Included
  • Dirt Capacity – 25 Quarts
  • Dimensions – 37-1/2″ H x 12″ D
  • Warranty – 10 Years


Whatever your central vacuum needs, there’s an inexpensive power unit for you! These three are just the beginning. You can narrow your search by filtration type, square footage, brand, and more! For even more options and personal help, visit or call 1-800-221-8227.

The Best Electric Powerheads Under $200


Raise your hand if you like saving money. Oh, is that everyone? What a surprise!

This isn’t rocket science, we’re talking about. People want to save money when they can. People like staying within a budget. People love a good value. These are fairly universal truths. When you’re shopping for new central vacuum products, the same principles apply. So, today’s blog will focus on our top three picks for the best, value electric powerheads under $200.00.

Do I Need An Electric Powerhead?

Before we list our choices, it’s wise to cover what an electric powerhead is and who needs one. An electric powerhead is a carpet cleaning floor tool that uses electricity to power the rotating beater bar. The beater bar is what spins underneath the powerhead and agitates the carpet fibers. Its job is to stir up the dirt, dust, or dander that inevitably settles into the base of your carpeting. An electric beater brush leaves carpeting with a deeper cleaning and more refreshed finish.

There is a less expensive carpeting tool option and that is a Turbo Brush. A Turbo style powerhead has a rotating beater bar, too. The difference is, the bristles are rotated using the vacuum cleaner’s suction. As air is pulled in, it whisks past the bar and spins it. These types of floor tools are perfectly adequate for low pile area rugs and door mats. However, we NEVER recommend these powerheads for real carpeting. If your home has any rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting or dense area rugs, an electric powerhead is a must. A Turbo powerhead will not clean your carpeting.

How Did We Choose?

When choosing our top three picks for electric powerheads under $200, we tapped into our nearly 70 years of experience selling vacuums and attachments. Essentially, we know what’s best because we’ve sold it, maintained it, repaired it, and reviewed it. When our sales and support teams got together to chat about which three would be the front runners, it was easy to narrow it down.

What About Repair Parts?

When gathering our picks, we also took into account the cost and availability of common repair parts, most notably the belt and roller bar for each unit. These are a factor because, while the expense of the powerhead may be feasible, it’s wise to also consider the costs of maintenance. Keeping your powerhead in tip-top shape is key to extending its life, so you should count on replacing these parts at least once in its lifetime.

And The Top Picks For Electric Powerheads Under $200 Are…

1) Wessel-Werk EBK340 Universal Powerhead

0091350_wessel-werk-ebk-340-universal-powerhead-wwebk340nl.jpegStaff Favorite

Under $150

We’re calling the Wessel-Werk EBK340 our “All Around Favorite” because it was, literally, unanimously chosen by our panel.

The EBK340 from Wessel-Werk is a favorite for several reasons but the real kicker is the price. This powerhead has a lot to offer and is one of the least expensive units on our list. At just $145, the EBK340 is a real bargain!

A favorite feature is the double swivel neck which makes this carpet tool incredibly maneuverable. We also love the chevron patterned bristles on the roller bar which help feed debris into the suction path and ensures the unit doesn’t lock down on dense carpeting. It’s also cost effective because the belt is designed to require less changing, saving you money in the long run.


Additional Specs:

  • 13.5” Cleaning Path
  • Hard Floor Wiper Blade
  • Belt – Fiber Glass Reinforced Cogged Timing Belt (located on the opposite side of the dirt path to protect it from objects that might damage the belt.)
  • Safety Indicator Lights – Green = Normal, Red = Stopped/Clogged
  • Non-Marring bumper surround and non-scuff wheels to protect baseboards and hard flooring

Common Repair Parts:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wessel-Werk EBK340 does not include replacement wands, however, the powerhead may work with your existing wands. To determine if the EBK340 will function with your current wand, we suggest you call and speak with one of our technicians at 1-800-221-8227. They can walk you through a few checkpoints and guide you to the correct solution.

2) Dust Care 700 Power Head

0055251_dust-care-700-power-head.jpegQuality Control’s Choice

Under $150

The Dust Care 700 is on the list thanks to the opinion of two vitally important team members: our repairs manager and our returns specialist. When the two of them agree on a product, you know it’s good! In their years of experience, the Dust Care 700 is well made and a proven customer favorite.

One of the popular features on the Dust Care 700 is the automatic height adjustment. The unit will raise and lower to match the level of flooring being vacuumed. (While this is very helpful, we do not recommend a powerhead with automatic adjustment if your home features dense or “soft” carpeting. You can jump below to our next pick if you have this type of carpeting.)

The flat belt on this powerhead is not as durable as a geared version (like found on the other two models in our article.) This belt will require more maintenance. However, the Dust Care 700 features removable and replaceable bristles on the roller bar. This means you may not need to replace the entire beater bar (at around $50) but instead simple replace the bristles when maintenance is necessary.

Additional Specs:

  • 13” Cleaning Path
  • Extra Bright Headlight
  • Steel Roller Bar – with replacement chevon patterned bristles
  • Belt – Flat (non-geared)
  • Belt View Window – allows you to see that the belt is in good standing
  • Non-Marring rubber wheels

Common Repair Parts:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Dust Care 700 does not include replacement wands, however, the powerhead may work with your existing wands. To determine if the Dust Care will function with your current wand, we suggest you call and speak with one of our technicians at 1-800-221-8227. They can walk you through a few checkpoints and guide you to the correct solution.

3) CenTec CT23QD Response Electric Powerhead

0087485_centec-ct23qd-response-electric-powerheadBest For Dense Carpeting

Under $200

If you called our team and mentioned that you were vacuuming dense or “Soft” carpeting, we would direct you to the CenTec CT23QD Response. This powerhead is ideal for the ultra lush carpeting styles thanks to the unique air vents.

Safe airflow that prevents damage to Soft Carpeting.

The new “Soft Carpeting” trends feature high density fibers that allow for a luxuriously soft feel. However, it’s incredibly difficult to vacuum such thick carpet with a standard powerhead. In some cases, a lesser powerhead will lock onto the thick-pile fibers and actually burn, tear, or remove them. You DO NOT want to use the wrong tool on this type of carpeting. What makes the CT23QD different are the self adjusting air relief vents which prevent the suction from locking down on dense rugs and carpets.

Additional Specs:

  • 14” Cleaning Path
  • Extra Bright Headlight
  • Wooden Roller Bar – with chevon patterned bristles
  • Belt – Quiet Drive poly V belt for long life
  • Four position height adjustment
  • Non-Marring bumper and rubber wheels

Common Repair Parts:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CenTec CT23QD Response does not include replacement wands, however, the powerhead may work with your existing wands. To determine if the CT23QD Response will function with your current wand, we suggest you call and speak with one of our technicians at 1-800-221-8227. They can walk you through a few checkpoints and guide you to the correct solution.



Imperium Central Vacuum Systems: Review & Information

First, A Little History

Most people think the name “Central Vacuum Stores” came from our sales of central vacuum systems when, actually, the name originated before central vacuums were even invented! In 1948, Chris Ambrose opened a small vacuum sales and repair shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. The store was located on the main thoroughfare through town, Central Avenue, so he named his business, “Central Vacuum Stores.”

Over nearly seventy years in business, this mom & pop storefront turned into an international mom & pop e-retailer. Who could have foreseen how technology was going to change our business model? And who could have foreseen how perfect the name “Central Vacuum Stores” would prove to be?

In the early 1980’s, built-in central vacuum systems rose in popularity and Central Vacuum Stores rose right along with it. We opened more storefronts, added an installation and tech division, and expanded our market. By the early 2000’s we became known as the central vacuum specialists within the state of Florida. But in those twenty years of installing and maintaining central vacuums, owner Roger Ambrose realized he could build a better product than what he was selling.


Why were the motors in some brands always going bad? Why weren’t systems designed for DIY installations? Wasn’t there a better way to filter out debris? With Roger’s experience and expertise, the Ambrose family once again jumped into a new realm. That of product design. In 2003, the Imperium Brand by Central Vacuum Stores was launched.

What Is Imperium?

0090865_imperium-cv260-universal-combo-kit-for-bare-floorsThe Imperium brand is Central Vacuum Stores’ private label. It includes products for central vacuum systems such as power units, hoses, wands, attachments, floor tools, and more.

With the introduction of Imperium, Central Vacuum Stores was able to sell a better product at a lower price. Additionally, we are able to handle our warranty and technical support in-house. No more frustrating phone calls between the seller and the manufacturer. If you have an issue with your Imperium product, you call us directly and we get it taken care of.

How Does Imperium Rank In Quality?

Name recognition is certainly a factor when you’re shopping for an appliance. For many, it’s easier to trust a brand you’re familiar with. But, when it comes to a specialty item like a central vacuum system, it’s better to choose a brand that is more singular. Yes, Kenmore, NuTone, and Electrolux sure have big branding, but do you want a vacuum system made by a company that also manufactures microwaves and ceiling fans?

Imperium is the brainchild of a company that has sold vacuum cleaners for almost seventy years. It’s the product of a business who has installed, and maintained thousands of central vacuums since their first introduction. Essentially, Imperium came from the desire to do better. A perfect example of this is the high quality Ametek-Lamb motors we chose to put in our power units.

Take a look at the comparison below…


With motors, bigger really is better. And our Imperium motors not only tower over the competition, they also come with a 10-year warranty.

Made In America

When in the early stages of designing our Imperium brand, we knew making an American-made product was a priority. Our search for a U.S. manufacturing company led us to Lindsay Manufacturing out of Ponca City, Oklahoma. With their American plant, Imperium central vacuum power units are proudly made in the USA. Additional manufacturing partners include CenTec and VacuFlo. Together, these companies are helping us make a better, more reliable, and higher quality product than our competitors.

Our Imperium attachments, floor tools, and wands will fit *most* existing central vacuum systems, so you can get the savings and quality of Imperium even if your system is from another brand. To be sure your purchase is compatible, we suggest you call 1-800-221-8227 and speak with one of our associates.

The Savings

Here’s what you really want to know: What kind of price difference are we talking about between buying Imperium and buying a familiar brand name?


It all comes down to what you’re not paying for. The consumer isn’t paying for giant, international, high-expense advertising. You won’t find us on a billboard. Central Vacuum Stores gets our business pretty much the old fashioned way, word of mouth and a little online marketing. The consumer isn’t paying for huge overhead and the support of divisions of salespeople. Central Vacuum Stores has a single office and storefront in Florida and around twenty employees who work incredibly hard and are incredibly good at their jobs. The consumer isn’t paying for warehouses of stored goods. We ship directly from the manufacturer because it’s our product (as an added bonus, this also means faster shipping!)

Let’s take a look at another comparison…

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.02.05 PM

Three similar power units side-by-side and we’re able to price our Imperium CV280 model for significantly less money. And, by the way, this state-of-the-art comparison tool can be found on our website. So you can see your choices next to each other, too! Even though we keep our business lean, you’re getting an equal shopping experience to the big guys.

Where Do I Buy Imperium?

Imperium products are found at, though we allow a select few items to be sold via Home Depot’s website, as well. You can also always call our team directly and speak with our wildly knowledgeable associates at 1-800-221-8227 or email us for information via

2017 Miele Models: Review & Comparison

Earlier this year, Miele unveiled three new models and re-worked their Series structure. They chose to eliminate all existing models within the Classic C1 Series and Compact C2 Series: the Olympus, Capri, Delphi, Titan, Quartz, Onyx, and Topaz. With these older models out, Miele sought a streamlined approach and rolled out three new models which encompass the features and benefits of their predecessors. The Pure Suction Compact C1, the Turbo Team Compact C1, and the Electro+ Compact C2.


What’s New, What’s Not?

Technically, there isn’t anything “new” about these cleaners. Their features, benefits, build, and included accessories are all familiar. What’s changed is Miele’s approach to guiding you to the right vacuum. They narrowed down the best and most popular options and custom-built three canisters to replace the original seven. Essentially, almost any buyer will work with one of these vacuums.

It’s a straightforward, less muddled way to shop; this is truly a case of “less is more.”

What Are The New Models?

Let’s break down and do a comparison on each model within the new Compact line.

Each model will include…

  • 3.7 quart Type FJM AirClean dustbag with flap for dust-free removal
  • Pre-Motor Filter
  • Telescoping Wand
  • Natural Bristle Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • VarioClip which attaches the tools to the hose

Each model has these features…

  • Canister Construction – Exclusive 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System to keep the dirt inside the vacuum
  • Rotary Dial with 6 suction settings
  • 29.5ft operating radius
  • Dustbag change indicator
  • Silence insulation
  • Weighs 16 pounds complete with hose, wand and Combo Floor tool
  • Special alignment of motor, cable reel and dust compartment for advanced stability

Essentially, the three models differ in their included floor tools. This means you can shop based on your flooring type.

Pure Suction Compact C1

0091581_miele-compact-c1-pure-suction-vacuumFor Hard Surface Flooring

The Compact C1 Pure Suction is the base model. It’s currently Miele’s least expensive canister vacuum cleaner. Selling for around $300, it’s a great starter Miele.

This unit is ideal for homeowners with mostly hard flooring and some low pile area rugs. It is not suggested if your space features wall to wall carpeting or medium to high pile rugs. The 1200 watt, Vortex Motor can range between six power settings.

0091616_miele-pure-suction-compact-c1-vacuumThe Pure Suction gets its name from its floor tool. The SBD285-3 Classic Combo Floor Tool does not feature any kind of roller or beater bar to refresh carpet fibers – which is why it isn’t recommended for carpeting. Instead, natural fiber bristles are gentle enough for hard flooring while adding some agitation to release dirt from basic area rugs.

Filtration System: AirClean filter (1 included)

Turbo Team Compact C1

0091582_miele-compact-c1-turbo-team-vacuumFor Hard Surface & Low-Medium Pile Carpeting*

The Compact C1 Turbo Team is the median model in the new line. Running around $400, we think it’s priced well for the tools that come included.

The Turbo Team was designed for homes with a majority of hard flooring and some low or medium pile carpeting and rugs. Like the Pure Suction, it features 1200 watts of power and six settings.

Miele STB205-3 Turbobrush

The Turbo Team is called as such because of the included carpeting powerhead. The STB205-3 Powerbrush is a turbo cleaner. Meaning, it uses the suction power from the vacuum to rotate the beater bar and agitate the carpet fibers for a deeper cleaning. The Turbo tool is a better option for carpeting than the Combo tool found on the Pure Suction. However, it is not as powerful as the one on the Electro+ model.


Also included with the Turbo Team is the SBBParquet-3 – Parquet Floor Tool. This natural fiber brush is the perfect tool for vacuuming hard flooring such as wood, laminate, marble, tile, and terrazzo. The swivel neck on the tool allows you to maneuver quickly and easily around furniture legs – much more fluidly than the Combo tool found on the Pure Suction.

Filtration System: AirClean Filter (1 included)

Electro+ Compact C2

0091583_miele-compact-c2-electro-vacuumFor Hard Floors & Carpeting*

The best of the three new models is the Electro+ Compact C2. It’s priced at around $600, but when you consider that the carpet tool alone costs over $200, it’s a really incredible value.

The Electro+ was built to clean homes with any type of flooring, hard or carpeted*. The Electro+ can properly clean even high-pile or dense carpets and rugs.

Electro Plus Electrobrush (SEB228)

What makes the Electro+ so much better is the included SEB228 Electric Powerbrush. This carpet powerhead is electric, meaning the beater bar that agitates the carpet fibers for a deep clean is powered by electricity. To compare, the Turbo Team uses the vacuum suction to spin the brush. Unlike a turbo style brush, dense carpeting won’t cause the bristles to stop rotating because they’re on their own power.


The Electro+ also comes with the SBB Parquet-3 – Floor Tool to clean hard flooring such as tile, wood, laminate, marble, and more. The natural bristles won’t scratch or damage but provide just the right amount of abrasion to release dirt and dust. The swivel neck also adds some flexibility to your vacuuming as you can maneuver around numerous obstacles.

Filtration System: HEPA AirClean Filter (1 included)

*Soft Carpet Disclaimer:

It is important to note, this vacuum is not recommended for “Soft Carpeting.” Miele has a designated canister designed for Soft Carpeting. If your home features this new trend of carpeting, we highly recommend you do not purchase one of the above vacuums as it is very easy to damage these carpeting fibers. Here you can read our review of Soft Carpeting vacuum options.

What Separates These Models From Other Mieles?

It’s important to note that the Complete C3 Canister Series did not change. The Cat & Dog, Calima, Kona, Alize, Soft Carpet, Marin, and Brilliant are all still available. So it begs the question: Where do these new vacuums stand in comparison?

The new Compact canisters were designed as Miele’s “budget” cleaners. They will not include the superior features found on the Complete models. The Pure Suction Compact C1, the Turbo Team Compact C1, and the Electro+ Compact C2 have lower quality floor tools and slightly weaker filtration. However, they are more affordable than any model in the Complete line. For customers who are on a budget but still want the quality of Miele, Compact is a great “starter” Series.

Some of the better features found within the Complete C3 Canister Series are on-board tool storage, automatic height adjustments, automatic motor shut-off, a larger dirt bag, longer power cord length, and foot operated controls. The new Compact models will not include these features.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of some of the differences between the Complete C3 Series and the new Compact models:

What Should I Buy?

So it all comes down to this question: which Miele is right for you? If the above comparisons are still not enough to help you choose, it’s best if you call or email for a more personal approach.

1-800-221-8227 /

The four key things to consider when choosing a Miele are these:

  1. Flooring Type – Catalogue the type of flooring in your home. If you have any dense carpeting or high-pile area rugs, you will really need to consider a Miele with an electric powerhead. If you have mostly hard flooring, you needn’t choose an electric cleaner.
  2. Budget – It comes down to the bottom line here. Obviously, you have to consider your budget. But, we’ve found that folks are willing to spend what they need when it comes to their health and wellness. Plus, all Miele’s come with a warranty, so you can rest assured you’re getting a lasting product.
  3. Air Quality Concerns – The better models found in the Complete C3 Series feature Miele’s patented Sealed Construction. For owners with air quality concerns (asthma, allergies, respiratory illnesses) a Miele including the better filtration is a make-or-break.
  4. Must Have Features – It’s pretty common for us to speak to a customer and determine features that are “must haves” which they had yet to consider. For an elderly person, bending over to access the power settings on a rotary dial may be impossible – we’d refer them to a Complete model with foot operations. There are lots of features to examine. It’s wise to call a specialist to make sure you’re not missing something.

Imperium CV7700 Power Unit

"I wish I had just called you guys first!"

Today’s consumers are smarter than ever. They bargain hunt, read reviews, compare multiple retailers, and only then do they make a purchase. And it’s a great thing to see people being so wise with their spending. The only hiccup is when they need help.

All the personal research in the world can’t compare to a twenty minute phone call with an expert. And all the discounts and promotions you can find won’t help when it comes time to ask a question. We hear from customers DAILY who purchased a product from a faceless online retailer and now can’t get the necessary service for that item. Retailers like Amazon are great for certain items – paper towels, diapers, books. But think twice before making a purchase that could potentially require repairs or technical support. You won’t be getting it from them.

So what’s the alternative? You want the ease of buying online but the confidence of a respected retailer. Wha-bam! Read this blog about the Imperium CV7700 and shop with confidence!

0057283_imperium-cv7700-power-unitThe Imperium CV7700 Power Unit is a powerhouse cleaner. It boasts one of the largest motors available while still a 120 Volt machine. What that means is, you can have a machine powerful enough for a commercial setting in your residential installation.

Hit Me With The Highlights:

  • Powerful enough for up to 10,000 square feet
  • Premier 7.2″ Tangential By-Pass Motor
  • True Cyclonic – no bags to change
  • Large, 38 quart dirt canister
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Made in America
  • Incredibly quiet at only 60 decibels
  • Vented to the exterior for unmatched air quality

Suction Stats:

  • Airflow – 121 CFM
  • Amps – 13.5
  • Air Watts – 631
  • Water Lift – 142″

A Green Clean

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re aware that appliances are going the way of “green.” Manufacturers and consumers are doing what they can to make and purchase environmentally friendly products. And why not? It’s good for the Earth AND it almost always saves you money! The Imperium CV7700 is a perfect example.

  • Repairable long-life motors – The motor in the CV7700 is designed to be repairable and replaceable. By creating special interrupters that will shut-down the motor before it’s officially kaput, you’re able to simply replace the necessary parts instead of overheating or damaging the machine. An Imperium power unit will likely outlast every other appliance in your home.
  • Off means Off – The power unit itself features an “On/Off” switch that completely powers-down the appliance. When turned off, the appliance is using zero residual energy (unlike other appliances.) While you may not use it throughout day, it’s a great solution for over night, while you’re out of town, or spans of time when you won’t be vacuuming. 
  • IAQ, Green Label – The Imperium CV7700 was awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label for indoor air quality. The honor was bestowed due to the unit’s exhaust system. The vent on the CV7700 is installed to the exterior of your home, so any particles or allergens that are too small for the dirt canister are removed completely – not breathed in.
  • Green Built – Proudly made in the USA, the Imperium CV7700 is manufactured by Lindsay Mfg. in a modern plant which uses products and processes that retain and recycle lubricants, minimizes or eliminates most volatile organic compounds and produces few carbon emissions in the production of Imperium Central Vacuum Systems.
  • Recyclable – The 100% steel canister on the CV7700 is completely recyclable with no irreclaimable plastic body parts to fill landfills and dumps.
  • Recycled and Recyclable Packaging – Even the shipping box and internal packing material are completely recyclable. Central Vacuum Stores uses zero styrofoam or plastic in the shipping containers of the CV7700. The box and internal support pieces are made of at least 20% recycled materials.

When You Buy From The Best

The quote at the top of the page was from a real customer and it certainly wasn’t the first time we had heard it. When you buy a central vacuum system from, you’re not just getting an easy shopping experience. You’re getting actual experience. Like the 60+ years we’ve been in business!

Got an issue when it comes time to install it? We’ll put you on the phone with one of our professional installers to walk you through it!

Need a repair part but don’t know where to begin? We carry any and every part necessary for the Imperium CV7700 and we offer extra fast shipping!

Looking for additional tools or attachments to complement your new unit? Our sales associates will ask all the right questions and cover every base to make sure you get the exact products your home needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Consider the Imperium CV7700 for your central vacuum installation. And if you need help deciding or simply want a professional opinion, we suggest you don’t waste your time and simply call us first. 1-800-221-8227.

Check Out These Complete CV7700 Kits, Too

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User Review: Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 Vacuum

Last week’s blog regarding stinky vacuums must have really hit a nerve. We sure saw a lot of traffic to the post and, as a result, thought a follow-up article was due. One of the points that seemed to resonate was the issue of pets. What can be done, if anything, to combat the truly offensive vacuum odors that are unavoidable in homes with pets?

Is there a solution to this common vacuum vexation?

We turned our attention to the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog.


Vacuums and pets have a long history of contention. I’ve never known a pet that doesn’t run from fear every time the vacuum is even pulled out of the closet. But it’s not only one-sided. Many vacuum cleaners struggle to properly meet the needs of pet homes. Miele understood this and designed a vacuum from the ground-up specifically for pets.

The Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 has several key features that make it so apt to cleaning a pet friendly home.

1. Odor Control

Right off the bat, Miele addresses the issue at hand: stinky vacuums.

0086028_miele-cat-and-dog-complete-c3-vacuumPet odors are so strong in cleaners because the fur and dander you vacuum seep into the interior of unit over time. You can change the bag and filter often, but the tiny particles that escape to the inside of the vacuum cleaner will eventually start to smell. The result: every time you turn on your cleaner, the exhausted air that is blown back into the room smells like wet dog.0085521_miele-sf-aa50-active-airclean-charcoal-filter

To combat this, Miele invented their ActiveAir Charcoal Filter. The filter is designed using Activated Charcoal which absorbs and eliminates odors within its molecular make-up. Charcoal has long been known to be an odor neutralizer, but Miele was smart enough to infuse it into their vacuum design. The ActiveAir Charcoal Filter is included with the Cat & Dog Complete C3.

An additional odor-control aspect on the Cat & Dog is Miele’s patented Sealed System. Exclusive to Miele, the 12-Stage Sealed Construction ensures the finest particles captured within the vacuum canister stay there. Each individual compartment and the system as a whole are sealed with one continuous, durable rubber gasket, so particulate matter is trapped.

2. Pet Focused Tools & Accessories

What’s the use of odor control technology if your vacuum isn’t properly cleaning your home? The Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 is packaged with the exact tools and accessories a pet-friendly home requires.

    • Electro Plus Electrobrush SEB228For the deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. The electric powerhead offers more suction than a turbo-styled carpet tool found on lesser models. Fur, dander, and allergens that sink to the bottom of your carpet fibers are suctioned away for a professional-grade clean.
    • Parquet Twister Floor Tool SBB300-3 For the easy cleaning of hard surface flooring. The gentle bristles won’t scratch hard woods or marble but add the exact amount of texture needed to release stuck-on bits or dirt. The swivel neck on the tool allows you to navigate around furniture legs, corners, and tight spaces. Dirt can’t hide!
    • Handheld Turbo Brush STB101For removing fur from sofas and other upholstered furniture. The STB101 is only included with the Cat & Dog model. The powerful tool is small but offers more suction power than the standard upholstery attachment so you’ll be able to remove every hair from furniture, pet pillows, bedding, and more!
    • Natural Bristle Dusting Brush
    • Upholstery Nozzle
    • Crevice tool

3. Sensitive To The Skittish

Many dogs and cats fear vacuums, in large part, because they’re loud. So Miele’s Cat & Dog is designed to be exceptionally quiet. Original Miele’s already featured quiet motors, but the Cat & Dog has a new casing that has earned the name “silence motor.” It’s one of the quietest vacuums you’ll ever use and Fido will thank you!

0082509_miele-cat-and-dog-complete-c3-vacuumAnother feature that allows the Cat & Dog to be exceptionally quiet are the smooth running castor wheels that are mounted on steel axles. The greater flexibility and orientation combined with stability and quality construction means you can navigate your home easily and without the racket of cheaply designed wheels. And if you do happen to ding a few furniture legs around the house, the Cat & Dog’s bumper strip will keep the vacuum and the piece protected and limit the noise.

4. Suck The Hair Off… Whatever

You’ve heard it claimed that a vacuum is powerful enough to suck the hair off a cat, but what people actually need is a way to suck the hair off of everything else! From delicate draperies, to dense wall-to-wall carpeting, the Cat & Dog Complete C3 has a suction setting that’s appropriate.

0086000_miele-cat-and-dog-complete-c3-vacuumRanging between 300 watts and 1200 watts, the six power settings on the Cat & Dog can be changed by a tap of the foot. The simple + and – buttons allow you to alternate between power levels without having to stop in the midst of your task. Go from floor, to sofa, to curtain panels all without having to miss a beat.

Also operational with the tap of your foot are the automatic cord rewind and the On/Off power button. The Cat & Dog also features a convenient On/Off switch on the vacuum handle.

5. A Fantastic Vacuum To Boot

Shown in rear “Park”

Obviously, the Cat & Dog is geared towards pet owners and includes all the above pet-centered features. But that doesn’t mean it can’t stand alone as an awesome vacuum.

Take, for example, the Cat & Dog’s “Park” system. The wand and floor attachment are designed to slide into the canister at the rear or sides of the machine. This allows for compact storage but is also a real convenience when taking a quick break. Need to let Fluffy outside? Just put the wand in Park and come back when you’re ready.

Additional Features:

On-Board tool storage
  • Impressive 36 ft operating radius with an automatic one-touch cord rewind
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Lightweight skeleton construction
  • Telescoping wand for extra reach
  • Safety shut-off on overheating
  • On-board tool storage so your accessories are easily at hand
  • Patented automatic self-sealing bag collar enables the dust flap opening to close automatically when the compartment lid is opened so you don’t breath in what’s inside

    Self-Sealing dirt bag
  • On/Off button on the handle allows you to quickly power down for pauses 
  • Gentle start motor conserves energy and adds life to your motor by gradually increasing suction power to the desired level
  • Anti-Static discharge handle utilizes a metal thread in the handle to prevent the discharge of static electricity
  • Parking system on canister designed to place the vacuum wand in position for storage or breaks

To learn more about the Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3, visit the full product page HERE. You can also compare the Cat & Dog to other vacuums and Miele models using the “Add To Compare” option on the page. For personal help in ordering your Cat & Dog vacuum or determining if it’s the right Miele model for you, call 1-800-221-8227 and speak with an expert.