My Central Vacuum is Clogged and Stinky – What can I do?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fanatical about keeping my house clean. Not in a healthy way, mind you, but in a can’t-go-to-sleep-knowing-the-laundry-isn’t-folded kind of way. I’ve turned the car around after realizing I didn’t start the dishwasher. I’ve inadvertently started cleaning other people’s homes while visiting. I’ve made myself late for work because I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus having left my bed unmade.

Before you start flipping through your Roll-A-Dex searching for the name of that psychiatrist you’ve been meaning to recommend, consider that this maniacal behavior makes me a bit of an expert in my field. You have the benefit of reading the reviews of a (potentially obsessive) person who really uses these products. You can trust that when I accidentally vacuumed up a handful of decorative rocks while cleaning a shelf in my bathroom, I turned to the CV Stores Tornado Power Cleaning Wipes to clear out my pipes. Ever since, I’ve used the Tornado Wipes twice a year to keep my system happy and clog-free. And, in my defense, those rocks were really dusty.

Tornado Power Cleaning Wipes
Tornado Power Cleaning Wipes

CV Stores Tornado Power Cleaning Wipes are designed specifically for central vacuum units. It’s as simple as using the suction in your central vacuum to process the wipe through the hose and piping. It does the cleaning as it goes along!

Clogged Central Vacuum Unit

To determine if your central vacuum unit has a clog, turn on the unit at the canister and insert a Tornado Power Cloth through each inlet. If the cloth gets to the canister in one piece you do not have a blockage in that inlet, move on to the next inlet and test again. If the cloth gets to the canister but is torn or ripped you probably have a partial clog or blockage. Even if you find a clog in one of the inlets, test all the inlets one at a time to make sure there isn’t an additional blockage. If the cloth does not make it back to the canister at all, then you have a full obstruction in your tubing.

Cleaning My Central Vacuum

Tornado Power cloths are textured and are specially formulated to capture dirt and grime residue that exists in the hose and tubing. Also, when pulled through the pipe system, these cloths capture larger debris such as pebbles, lint, sticks, etc. and deliver these items to the canister. Finally, the treated cloths “wipe down” the inside walls of hoses and tubing, and their scented solution leaves the entire system smelling clean and fresh.

Pets & Odors

If you have pets, you know that a central vacuum system is so convenient to keep your house fur-free. But all that hair and dander can make for an odorous canister or hose. Tornado Power Cleaning Wipes are just what you need to eliminate stagnant dirt and hair within your hose and piping. Additionally, the wipe is perfectly safe to leave within the canister and the fresh scent keeps control of any lingering odors.

To order the CV Stores Tornado Power Cleaning Wipes, click here!

Any thoughts?

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